Oversized Hat for a ‘Just Right’ Big Head

In two years of knitting, my husband has watched on as I’ve made baby blankets for other people’s children, scarves for other family members, and even things for myself, but finally last week it was his turn. Even the biggest of brains need to stay warm in cold weather, so I measured and surmised until I thought I had a plan to knit a winter hat for my husband’s 24-inch (61-cm) circumference head. It took three tries to get the right size and I knitted it from the bottom up to make sure. There are a few nice big hat patterns out there, but it was a challenge to find one that was also baggy. Basically, I wanted to make a hat that would be great for someone with dreadlocks, even though my husband doesn’t have them. Of course, leaving enough comfort room around the forehead and crown so he isn’t left with an imprint of ribbing when he takes the hat off. We have somewhat mild winters here in Cork, so if you need to up the warmth just line it in jersey or knit it with two strands for the entire hat.

Here is the pattern on Ravelry. It’s a fabulous hat that he now wears daily.

Anatomy of a Big Hat for a Big Head

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