Hand Knit Baby Pants from the Kanoko Pattern

On Friday night, I finished knitting a pair of baby pants for my child-to-be. Yes, I knit a pair of pants. Insane! Well, not really. The yarn (Lion Brand Cotton Ease) is durable and washable, plus warmer than the thin knit pants available in stores. The pattern was one shown to me by  my friend Gina when I was in DC this Spring.
To Gina’s credit, she followed the pattern and I diverted from the seed stitch rows (knit stockinette instead) a bit to save time. The big difference is that she was knitting her pair as a gift, which we all know is taken more seriously than something we knit for ourselves. And as much as I know my baby will be wonderful, I can’t fathom the wee one caring how many rows of seed stitch I knitted on something so much as how well it repels stains and absorbs diaper overflow. Yeah, I went there. It’s a baby, I’m realistic.

Ribbed waistband, crocheted drawstring, seed stitch detailing - Kanoko Pants for baby

I intend to knit this pattern in the two larger sizes as well – in different colors, of course. I found the Lion Brand Cotton Ease a dream to knit with. There is a sturdiness and consistency I found ideal for baby projects, plus I’ve heard good things about how well it washes and wears.
To look at the project on Ravelry, click here (I created a special link so anyone clicking through this link can see it, even non-members). This is one of many baby-focused sewing and knitting projects I’ll be profiling in an upcoming nice big happy blog post on my new blog, EvinOK.
Of course, the project details are not enthralling so if you just want to see more photos of the pants in all their hand-knit glory, here you go:
Kanoko Pants for wee Óg
Oh, did I mention, I crocheted the drawstring? Yeah, considering I don’t know how to properly crochet, I’m thrilled with the outcome. As I’m sure my child will be too. Comfy, cosy, washable, and versatile!

Kanoko Pants with some seed stitching omitted

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