This blog chronicles my knitting, sewing, drawing, inspired upcycling, and creative play – both successes and failures.

Why Spring Stitches? Well, Spring has always been my favorite season. It is a time of renewal as the dormant and hibernating elements of nature and life peek out into the world and once more to brighten and enrich our days (and nights) with color, scents, and sounds. Spring is also a time of rebirth which strikes a familiar note with all those interested in creating things from recycled materials (aka upcycling). Spring Stitches sprouted from my other blog, 40 Shades of Life, and its focus on living in Cork, Ireland. More and more, my posts focused on knitting and other creative endeavors until it was clear that a separate blog was necessary to do the content justice.

The blog content is brought to you by me, a blogger, writer, photographer, graphic designer, foodie, knitter, wife, daughter, friend, aunt, mystery lover, and world traveler (limited to places with indoor plumbing). Shortly after marrying the love of my life, we made our dreams come true and moved to Cork City, Ireland from the U.S.  After five months of ‘settling in’ to Irish life and missing my friends in the States, I joined the local SnB group, learned to knit, and began to forge some wonderful friendships. Knitting has reawakened my crafty side that had long been dormant in favor of more two-dimensional art endeavors.

I am so happy you’ve taken time out of your day to visit Spring Stitches and hope you find inspiration, helpfulness, and a bit of creative sunshine here. Please have a seat, pour a cup of tea and stay a while.

6 thoughts on “About

  1. I just found your lovely blog and am in awe that you live is such a beautiful country. I too love knitting and all things that involve yarn, so much so that I have recently started hand dying yarn and hope to get some spinning fiber in the line up as well… I have been hooked (ha) from the first moment I held a knitting needle. My then 10 year old niece tought me to knit. So I guess this is all her fault right. Well anyway I thought that I would drop in and tell you how lovely your blog is and I look forward to reading it often. Thank you, Michelle (owner of Berry Colorful Yarnings)

    • Hi Michelle, Must check out your Berry Colorful Yarnings now. Thanks for reading my blog. I enjoy it and the fact that I learned over here in Ireland adds to the experience, for me. I definitely need to knit more but sharp needles and baby don’t mix too well. Who knows, in a few years, he may learn how to knit himself!

  2. I am traveling to Ireland to visit a dear friend in April. We are planning on visiting Cork. I learned about Hedgehog yarn through your blog. Is it possible to buy in Cork? I know it’s available on Etsy but I thought it would be fun to get it there if possible. Your other blog has given us some good ideas of places we can’t miss. Thanks. I emailed HF but haven’t heard back yet so I thought I would email you and thank you for all of your helpful information.

  3. can you tell me please if I can by prem baby patterns online. I live in Spain and am finding it hard to find any knitting patterns in English

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