I started knitting in November 2008 after moving 6,000 miles to a new city in a new country. When I first relocated, everyone suggested I take up sports to meet new friends, but not being much for running or throwing I looked to groups focused on creativity, shared interest, and a dash of learning. Knitting! After all, with a nephew on the way I could be the cool aunt who knits jumpers and hats.

To find a local knitting group that was willing to help me with my skills, I went on Etsy and messaged the yarn and fibre art related sellers in Cork City asking for their advice. One responded with an invitation to come to her group sometime. Of course, in the time since I’ve learned that Ravelry is queen for all things knitting so if you are in the same boat as I was, definitely join Ravelry and look for a group in your area.

Anyway, in a chilly November evening in a pub in Ireland, I learned to knit. Proper thanks must be paid to my grandmother who was an amazing knitter, crocheter, and seamstress. Though she never taught me, I watched her for hours. Also, my friends Alex and Gloria each tried to teach me to knit during lunch when I worked in California. Alas, my appetite takes over my brain and there’s no hope of learning anything when I’m hungry. After a few months of practicing, I could finally keep the same number of stitches going for a prolonged time and even longer before I could consistently purl, but now I am learning more and trying to challenge myself – and bringing you along for the adventures!

Waving Jumper

Learning to Knit Resources

So now you know how I learned to knit. I still marvel at what I can create as I work towards being a more accomplished knitter and, one day, crocheter. Enough about me, here are some of my favorite resources for knitters of all skill levels:


Stitch ‘n Bitch

Here’s a PDF I created with basic stitches for when our knitting group holds informal workshops:

Spring Stitches ‘Learn To Knit’ two-page flyer

Here are a few of my favorite online resources for new knitters and those wishing to learn:

Left-handed Knitting

Learn to Knit and Crochet

Learn To Knit

Learn How to Knit from

The Knitting Site – Learn to Knit Free Videos

HelloKnitty – teach yourself how to knit

Learn To Knit: Video Tutorials for The Beginner

How to Knit for Beginners: Video Series | eHow Videos

How to Knit Video – The Basics

Ocean Hues

Favorite Knitting Blogs

• Brooklyn Tweed

• Fly Along

• Green Apples

• Knit for Brains

• Númenna – Nan Annûn

• OlannBán

Pickles Blog

• Purl Bee

• She Shoots Sheep Shots

She’s Crafty Handknits

• Stitch N Bitch Galway

• Stolen Stitches

• Sundara Stitches

• The Knitting Frog

• The Woolly Way

Two And Six
The Yarnista

Favorite Yarn Shops

• Bargain Yarns

• Hedgehog Fibres

• KnitPicks

• Knitting-Warehouse

• Spring Wools (Dublin, Ireland)

• This Is Knit

• Three Irish Girls


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